Samstag, 30. November 2013

You Are Your Own Gallery

At the beginning were tattoos only a “trending”, but now tattoos are almost an art form.            
(Unknown Artist)

Your tattoo belongs to you all your life! - Because of that, most people choose a personal motive with a background, there has a very special meaning.  But nowadays many people will be tattooing, to wear art on their body and it has not always a personal background. You can admire each other’s works of art on the body. You are your own gallery and you can wear art. 

(Unknown Artist)

One common reason to get a tattoo is to tell one’s story in a work of art on your own body.  A tattoo is an individual body jewelry there distinguishes you from other people.  You have the possibility to present yourself and you can provoke and rebel. 

You have endless possibilities to transform your own body into a work of art. 

(Unknown Artist)

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