Sonntag, 17. November 2013

One Look In The Mirror

Do you know the feeling when you look in the mirror and you are thinking “I look stupid”.
This feeling you'll never have again. From now you will think “wow. You look great!”
But this is not that easy. If you need a little bit help, then just look in the “you look great” mirror. Because one thing is clear: YOU LOOK GREAT.
But we have also something for guys or skater girls, they know that they look great. The Skateboard mirror is a sportish element.  The Skateboard has exterior wheels, is in life-size and is perfect for a good reflexion.
If you are still looking for a good Christmas gift for a creative person with a lot of personality, try it with an “Art-mirror”.
Art is not always a few colors on a piece of paper. Art is everything that you perceive about art.


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